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Do Hosting Services Affect Your Online Reputation?

February 7, 2015

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Whether online or offline, the state of your reputation defines your success. However, in many cases, reputation greatly relies on other factors, especially when you’re online. A website’s design, content, and services constitute factors that can be controlled by the owner of the site. However, reputation can also be affected ...

Why should you Choose Linux over Windows Web Hosting?

November 10, 2014

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With the wide variety of web hosting packages available to the webmaster of today, it can be quite difficult to find the best solution for you. One such difficult choice is deciding whether a Linux or Windows web hosting package. First of all, the kind of operating system that your ...

Top 15 Advantages of Drupal Ecommerce Web Development

January 16, 2014


Why use Drupal ecommerce solution is the first question that clicks in the heads of novice ecommerce website developers and merchants every now and then. We present you 15 significant reasons as to why you should shortlist Drupal amongst all other dedicated Ecommerce-platform-contenders for launching your virtual store of dreams ...

Most Commonly Found Flaws in a Website

December 23, 2013


Most Commonly Found Flaws in a Website

There are a plethora of websites flooding the Internet, and hundreds or perhaps thousands are developed in a day. Here is a very interesting thing to mull over - What are the prominent elements of a good user-friendly website?

Creating a website ...