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3 Tips to Make an Effective Content for SEO & Sales

  • 3 Tips to Make an Effective Content for SEO & Sales

Back when the web first began, marketing a website online was a simple process; you just had to build up the links to your website. You did this by simply placing a link to your site from any other web page, whether that page related to your business or not. Today, search engine optimization (SEO) practices involve much more than that.

Although links are still important, they need to be from websites that relate to your industry, and SEO content writing has taken on a higher importance in the scheme of Internet marketing. Even then, not any content will do, you must offer interesting and relevant information about your industry, your services and your product. This information or content must be valuable and helpful to readers – without this type of content your website won’t list correctly. Albeit, a more complex process, this offers more interest to Internet audiences, and gives you a viable way of connecting to the targeted consumer.

The Power of Content Marketing

The term we give to this release of information is content Search Engine marketing; a process used for decades by PR agencies in video, audio and written form. Through content marketing you can reach a specific demographic, raise awareness of a service, industry or explain how a person can do a specific activity or process. This is really the maturing of Internet marketing.

No one questions that content rich websites list on the search engines much better, engage with audiences and convert faster than any other type of website. However, there is just one problem. In the process of building a content rich website, you must build up an audience. If people don’t know your website exists, they won’t come to see your blog or read your articles, or participate with you on social media – no matter how great your content is.

While it is important to showcase your business, and explain your service, you must first relate to your target demographic. This will “kill two birds with one stone,” so to speak. It will bring you more links, which increases your page rank, and it brings you more interest from your readers and keep them coming back. The following are three great ways to grab people’s attention:

Research for Inspiration

There are no new ideas. There are only new ways of presenting old concepts.” This is a popular belief among most content creators. Most content, either written, in video or audio format is not a new idea, and most marketing is not about creating new ideas from scratch. It is about adding insight, thoughts and knowledge to existing information – of putting that content into your own words, and adding to it. You can see great examples of this remaking of content in a lot of recent blockbuster movies. Most of these are not news stories or ideas, but are actually remakes of popular stories, comic book characters or real life events. That doesn’t make them any less popular.

Be Creative

The Internet is a creative network, full of interesting people that like the unusual, the different and the off-beat, so you have to find a new and interesting way of telling your story. It is in doing the unusual that you’ll find your SEO success. It is in finding that unexpected take on an otherwise boring topic that provokes interest. While going against the conventional may seem risky, it is the one thing that can really pay off. When you provoke the curiosity of online readers you drive a lot of clicks and shares to your content.

For instance, if marketing on Valentine’s Day, you would want to go against the norm. When everyone else is touting lovey-dovey content, you should be writing on the benefits of staying single. In taking this 180-degree approach you draw attention to your website and your content. By taking the road less traveled you make your content stand out from the competition.

Touch People’s Emotions

People are all similar in that they are emotional. If you can touch People’s emotions with your writing or with your video content you will attract them to your website and you will get search engine optimization value. People are often touched by heartfelt stories. When you inspire, appreciate, show love or listen, you grab people’s attention. Remember, no one likes to feel alone – and unfortunately, most people feel that their burden is unique, and only affects them. If you can identify with an audience on this turf, you’ll have loyal friends for life

Bottom Line

Effective SEO is about using a combination of tasks which include Social Media Optimization, content marketing. Then taking these tasks and adding that special spark of creativity.


Subhash Kandpal works as an SEO & SMO Analyst with a renowned Website Design Development & Search Engine Marketing company- India Designers. He frequently writes about various topics related to Intermediate & advanced Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Mobile SEO, Technical SEO Issues, Content Marketing & blogging and latest trends on Social Media.

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