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7 Designing Trends of Ecommerce Web Development in 2013

  • 7 Designing Trends of Ecommerce Web Development in 2013

Ecommerce industry is upcoming and growing business now-a-days. It needs latest trends and designing to increase the interest of the customers in product and services. The habit of online shopping habit is growing at a rapid rate, which has provoked the change in advancements and developments. The mobile technology and new techniques in ecommerce designs are two examples of advancements in e-commerce technology. Listed below are other updates and latest trends of 2013 for ecommerce development to enhance the functionality of such websites.

The designing trends of Ecommerce

Mobile Trend

Smart phones have taken a toll on the market and are also playing a major role in ecommerce industry. The smart users are using their phones to do online shopping while working or travelling. Shopping is no more on rut and has changed drastically with the new trend of mobile commerce market. It helps the online retailer to gain maximum number of online shoppers through responsive designs of ecommerce website.


Localizing an ecommerce website to grow your business in local market is a great idea for online retailers. Before expanding online business globally, it is must to ensure a great deal for local customers of niche market. Thus, making a website design for local visitors by using traditional design aesthetics and local color preference, local language and typical offers on local products is a smart idea to grasp maximum local market.

Simple payment modes

Simpler payment modes like PayPal, debit cards and credit cards transactions make online shopping much easier and protected for customers. The more customers feel safe in paying through online mode of payment the more sale of product and services of a website. The new trend of 2013 for online payment is one-page payment methods, which garner trust and reliability to customers. Financial security is always been a major reason for minimum transaction, however the secured methods of payment may elicit many others for taking an online shopping experience in the year 2013.

Facebook Integration

Social media networks have played a significant role in splurging ecommerce websites to the internet world. With Facebook integration in web page, people can share the buying experience with others and influence their buying decisions. With this integration facility to social networking sites, users can easily create a wish list of product and services and share them with other friends. This is a new method of online marketing called as SMM (Social Media Marketing).

Minimalism complex designs

Ecommerce web designs need not to be complex and flourished with too much functionality. Rather the simpler web design displaying pictures and features of product and service is preferred more by customers. Bright colors and white space at the head has replaced the appealing but complex textures and skeumorphic designs of previous years. Comfort and easy steps of payment draw attention of customers.

Interactive Products Display

Product demonstration video is a further step after the image display of products to influence the sales of ecommerce websites through SMM. People get much impressed by watching videos of their buying product and get all the details of the desired product. The video of product description is a big source of social media marketing as well; customers feel it easy and appealing to share via You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and on other sites.

Advanced Personalization

A monotonous method of showing the related product of past buying of the customers is no more appealing strategy of sales in the year 2013 trends of ecommerce. Rather, giving new product recommendations that are actually useful to them in the present scenario. The developing team of sagacious developers has an algorithm to predict the needs and desires of online shoppers through the clicks and behavioral changes in browsing.

These 7 strategies of designing ecommerce website can enhance the online sales and give an appealing trendy look.


Manoj Tiwari is a business & Internet marketing strategist at a leading India based IT Company – Tisindia.com. From more than 10 years, he is involved in offering website designing, eCommerce development, branding and reputation management and internet marketing services.

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