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Five Ways to Turn LinkedIn into A B2B Lead Generation Machine

  • Five Ways to Turn LinkedIn into A B2B Lead Generation Machine

Compared to Facebook, Twitter and Google+, LinkedIn is more – for the lack of a better term – “professional” than “personal.” This is where the strength of using LinkedIn as an effective B2B internet marketing strategy lies. The visitor-to-conversion ratio of LinkedIn is the highest among social networks at 2.74%. This can be attributed to the fact that LinkedIn users are highly engaged and are truly information hungry.

In short, LinkedIn has “better quality” traffic which translates to higher conversions.

Since LinkedIn’s members are professionals, it’s a high potential platform for B2B lead generation. From rank and file employees to CEOs, from manufacturers to third-party vendors, LinkedIn is teeming with potential customers or clients and it would be unwise not to try to build relationships with them and potentially win them over.

Here are five ways on how you can take advantage of LinkedIn as a B2B lead generation channel.

Utilize the Lead Collection Widget

For those who have a company blog, this is the equivalent of you asking your readers to give you their email address to receive notifications for new entries. Activating this feature is easy. An opt-in box will be placed on top your page where your followers or profile viewers can easily leave their email address. The process is easier versus asking them to fill out long forms and especially beneficial for mobile users who won’t have the time to accomplish a full form.

Use Custom Banners and Link Them to Your Site/Landing Page/Blog

Back when the Internet was still young, almost all images in a site are clickable and lead visitors somewhere. Today, it seems that this is a long forgotten feature. Well, you have to bring it back when you use LinkedIn for lead generation. You are allowed to use three different banners in your Products/Services page. Make sure this leads your followers to your landing page, your blog and other high converting pages of your site. Also, use customized and visually appealing images to grab customer attention.

Create Targeted Content and CTAs

One of the pillars of effective content marketing is writing for an audience. The more targeted your content is, the more impactful it will be. One of the unique features of LinkedIn is that it allows you create multiple versions of the content of your Products and Services page based on different criteria. For example, you can create versions targeted to your prospective customers’ varied geographical locations or different job functions or industries. This way, you are creating highly relevant and compelling content, persuasive offers and strong calls-to-action. Setting this feature up is easy. Just be sure you know your market well enough and how to segment leads into different groups.

Look at Analytics to Determine When and What to Publish

Part of any effective internet marketing strategy is establishing when to publish content and what type of content to publish. The same is true with LinkedIn. There’s no way to know when and what content to put out there other than experimenting and testing. Determine what day and which time during the day your posts grab customer attention as indicated by the number of impressions, social shares and clicks.

Also, establish what type of content or posts your followers gravitate to. Is it proprietary research? Is it giving tips and advice? Maybe company announcements or perhaps recent news related to your industry? Whatever it is, make sure that you post or publish materials under this type of content frequently

Use LinkedIn’s Sponsored Inmail Feature

Here’s a disclaimer. This service is not free. However, this is an internet marketing strategy that is worthy of your investment. It bridges that gap between your business and high potential, high converting LinkedIn users through compelling emails that stand out both on your prospects’ LinkedIn homepages and in their email inboxes. Flexible format allows for customized content integration and it also features 60-day exclusivity so that your competitors can’t reach the same audience within a two-month timeframe.

From being a “social media wallflower” and a database of online resumes, LinkedIn has transformed into a highly effective venue to grab customer attention for B2B companies. There’s no harm including using LinkedIn in your B2B internet marketing strategy as it has minimal risks with potentially big returns.


Subhash Kandpal works as an SEO & SMO Analyst with a renowned Website Design Development & Search Engine Marketing company- India Designers. He frequently writes about various topics related to Intermediate & advanced Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Mobile SEO, Technical SEO Issues, Content Marketing & blogging and latest trends on Social Media.

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