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How to Design a Successful Website for Small Business

  • How to Design a Successful Website for Small Business

Gone are the days when most of the companies, especially the small businesses used to do business through the phones or other advertising methods like news paper, magazines, television..etc, but today the great revolution in the field of internet has certainly proved blessing in disguise for the small businesses. It cannot be denied that there is a cut-throat competition in an online world and it is imperative that the businesses must have a well-designed website that truly allures the visitors and turn them into prospective customers.

For many small companies, a website is one of the very first things that the customers or clients will look at even if it is just for finding the information or the address. Getting the biggest return through the website is the dream of companies and it can be only nurtured by designing a successful and attractive website.

While many companies focus on the programming aspect of their sites, it is also essential that they should devote their attention over the designing process. Having an excellent designed website certainly makes a big difference between gaining a good stranglehold in the market and losing the race to the competitors. So, here are some of the prominent web design tips that can really help you to design an attractive website and puts you in a better position in an online marketplace:

Simple Navigation

One of the essential things that every small business websites must have is the simple navigation. You want that your customers must find the information without any hassles in a short period of time. If the visitors really encounter any difficulty in locating the important pages of your website, then they may turn their attention to your competitors for fulfilling their needs. It is pivotal that the navigational links must be labeled clearly. Step into the shoes of the customers and think like them about the various vital that are missing in your website.

Create an Eye-Catching Attractive Design

An attractive website design is one of the best ways of drawing in the attention of the customers. A clear, catchy header and use of the appropriate images will certainly captivate the attention of the visitors. However, you must be careful not to overstuff your websites with the flashy images or videos as it may hamper the loading time of the site.

Sticky and Informative Content

An informative and engaging content is certainly the lifeline of any small business website. A well-written content really signifies the quality. So, what exactly is the “Sticky Content” here? It is nothing but a great content that not only attracts the attention of the visitors, but also compels them to “stick” to your website and return again for finding the information or purchasing goods and services. The content on the site must provide some value to the customers. A well-written quality content must be interesting, unique and devoid of any grammatical issues. It must also contain healthy keyword density range as it certainly helps a lot in improving search engine rankings.

Mobile Browsing – is the New Buzzword

A large percentage of people around the world like to access the websites through their mobile phones. Some of the renowned experts are of the view that the mobile browsing and shopping will become a next big thing in the near future. Keeping this in mind, it is pivotal that the small business companies must focus on developing responsive design for business website to touch the pillar of success. The companies by adopting the responsive web design method can make their website mobile-friendly that automatically adjusts itself to the different screen sizes of the mobile phones.

Keep the Home or About Us Page Simple

Some of the people have the perception that putting more information about their business on the home page may increase the chances of generating more sale leads. However, this is totally wrong and baseless. The home page of the website must not contain the undesired or irrelevant information that does not signifies the true of an organization’s products or services. It is important that front page description must be simple, short and compelling. It should ideally talk about the nature of business. Attract the customers by talking about the achievements and benefits of purchasing products from your website.

Testimonials and Terms of Service Page

Do not forget to design testimonials and terms of service pages. The testimonials page must contain the excellent reviews about the products and services of your business and also serve as an effective means to allure more potential customers. Any kind of positive feedback certainly helps in creating a sound impression of your company in front of the visitors. In the terms of service page, you must clearly outline your business practices, return policy and refunds. It certainly pays to keep your business legally protected.

Location Information or Contact Us Page

Your business must ideally contain a contact us page so that the customers do not have any problem in finding your workplace or office. If any client is interested in doing business with you and he does not find any kind of information about your location, then it is not good for the future as well as the working operations of your business.

Small companies can really take their business to another level by following these user-friendly and effective website designing tips. By making the website of your company attractive, you can not only grow your business, but also multiply your profits.


Manoj Tiwari is a business & Internet marketing strategist at a leading India based IT Company – Tisindia.com. From more than 10 years, he is involved in offering website designing, eCommerce development, branding and reputation management and internet marketing services.

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