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Most Commonly Found Flaws in a Website

  • Most Commonly Found Flaws in a Website

Most Commonly Found Flaws in a Website

There are a plethora of websites flooding the Internet, and hundreds or perhaps thousands are developed in a day. Here is a very interesting thing to mull over – What are the prominent elements of a good user-friendly website?

Creating a website can be a daunting task; however the actual challenge that the web designers have to devote their attention upon is making a website more usable. The main problem that a large percentage of the designers tend to forget is that they sometimes build websites according to the needs of their clients, ignoring the target audience. They give a lot of prominence or priority to the ‘creativity’ over the ‘usability’. As a result, the designers commit some of the following common mistakes that affect the usability of their sites:

Design Overload

Who does not want an attractive website design that entices the customers and keeps them hooked or engaged while providing information? However, the information can get astray in the sea of undesired images, popping advertisements, flashing texts, etc. that may only perplex or annoy a user. Instead of trying to determine what your site is all about, the users will only click a back button and might never return. It can certainly be interesting to design a site but it is never an excellent thought to stuff all the bells and whistles that may go on to damage the user experience. It is important to select the right design elements that make the desired information (primarily about your company, products and services) easy to find and most importantly make the customers HAPPY!

Avoid the Overflow of Content or Information

Research indicates that you only have just eight seconds to communicate your message to the customers through your webpage before they click away. More often than not, most of the webmasters would want to do is to clutter their page with the images and as much information as possible. By practicing this activity, the designers are performing the BIG mistake of overlooking quality for quantity. Instead, the main attention must be towards providing the message or information to the visitors through the relevant images that may result in better conversions. You must prioritize your content and decide what will be more important to the end user. Your website must act as a simple guide to the users, which they can use and follow in a hassle-free manner.


You are certainly making a SERIOUS website flaw if your website is not ‘mobile friendly’. It cannot be argued that lots of people are now accessing the Internet through various devices such as the smartphones, tablets, iPads and so on. Keeping this in mind, it has become vital to convert website to responsive design. If still your website is not responsive, then you are certainly losing a major chunk of your website traffic. Besides going responsive, it is also imperative to make sure that your website must look great on all the browsers and systems. You cannot just create a site and assume that it will look great on the devices. Check your website on all the browsers, systems and devices before going live online.

Missing Contact Details

One thing that can surely annoy the end user is the missing contact information. In the absence of the contact details, the visitors may not be able to reach the company and may also feel that the website is a fraud. If the customers want to get in touch with the company or they have some question or feedback, then they can do it quite easily with the help of contact information. If the site is devoid of the contact form, then it is useless and will compel the prospective customers to visit another site that offers the same products or services as yours.


There you have it – some common website blunders made by the web designers. Is your website replete with any of the above mentioned grave mistakes? If yes, then it is worth the time to have a look at your website, fix the problems, increase your traffic and maintain a pool of HAPPY CUSTOMERS!


Sandeep Sharma is a creative head at India-Designers.Net. He has more than 15 years experience in the web designing domain. He is leading the team of more than 25 web designers in the company. All Web Design Projects of the company start and finish with him.

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