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New Web Designing Tools Every Professional Web Designers & Developers Should Try

  • New Web Designing Tools Every Professional Web Designers & Developers Should Try

Successful web designers always keep a set of favorite tools on hand. These make the completion of projects easier, more efficient, faster and can even offer design inspiration. When all else fails, and it seems like nothing works at inspiring you, opening the right tool can put you on the path to creativity and design efficiency. Below, are just a few of interesting tools you may want to keep in your repertoire. Not every designer uses the same tools, but it’s always smart to keep a few on hand, just in case you need cool new ideas. The following are just a few tool ideas you might want to consider.

1. Dribbble.com

A great inspirational web development tool used by many website design agencies, to search color schemes, explore color inspiration ideas and get a thumbnail view of how certain colors will interact with your layout, images and content. This tool can save you a great deal of time, as it demonstrates the overall design effect without your needing to create the whole design scheme.

2. NuBook

For those web designers who just want a great image or portfolio design in a “What You See Is What You Get” format, NuBook can be very useful. It offers an easy to manage Web presence without your having to worry about the code. This is a great visual design platform, which is especially functional for those wishing to upload portfolio images, data or media in attractive templates.

3. ICEcoder

ICEcoder, an open source tool that is an easy-to-master browser code editor. It allows web designers to code directly within the browser, both on and offline; meaning web designers only need this one tool to build their website. Among its many other benefits include it’s support for database management, image crunching and JSLinting.

4. PolyChart2.js

Web designers who use large data sets, need to interpret these easily, and that’s where PolyChart2 steps in, offering considerable time savings. The API is easy to understand, and allows you to represent visual charts easily in very appealing ways using JSON, SVG or URL encoded data.

5. GhostLab

This website design tool has a retail cost of $49. Even so, most web developers find it very useful. Web site designers use this application to test projects on different browsers, and across different devices. It also syncs changes you make, allowing you to monitor the way these affect different devices.

6. Inforgr.am

Although, most website developers are familiar with web design and image creation, offering a visual representation of data can be difficult. But tools like Inforgr.am offer a simpler way of visually representing graphs, charts, typography and information. Simply put, this tool makes the process of creating a easy-to-understand visual representations of data easier.

7. Hammer.js

If you’re having issues locating JavaScript code for multitouch gestures, then Hammer.js is the tool that can make the process easier. It offers an extensive list of JavaScript for multi touch functionality.

8. SnipSave

As a website developer, you are constantly on the search for new tools, designs and interesting elements you’d like to try. Sometimes, you run across code that may seem interesting, but, unless you save the code you may never find out how it works for you. SnipSave is a simple tool that allows you to bookmark code snippets you might want to come back to or try some time in the future.

9. AppCooker

This is one of those website design tools that any web developer who specializes in app design will love. This is a mockup tool that allows you to create wire frameworks for your app design projects. This offers an excellent way of showing clients what the final app will look like.

10. Ninja: 3D Designing Tool

With the new HTML 5 in place, web designers can easily incorporate 3-D models into the website. Ninja can help you easily create these 3-D models. This open-source authoring tool is the Google application that helps Web designers create keyframe-based animations with HTML 5. The drying and layout tools are familiar to most designers, as it comes in the basic tool formats such as “Pen” and “brush” tools known to most graphic experience developers.

Bottom Line

There are many different tools out there, and many of these could make a website designers work load lighter, more efficient and quicker. But again, not every tool is made for every designer or developer. Choosing the right one really depends on the project at hand. Still, knowing and trying different tools gives you an advantage in having them available and in your knowing how they work, when that specialized project does come along.


Sandeep Sharma is a creative head at India-Designers.Net. He has more than 15 years experience in the web designing domain. He is leading the team of more than 25 web designers in the company. All Web Design Projects of the company start and finish with him.

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