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Top 10 Incredible SEO Analysis Tools

  • Top 10 Incredible SEO Analysis Tools

Today, the SEO tools have certainly gone on to become an indispensible part of any company looking forward to spread its wings in an online marketplace. It cannot be denied that there is a cut-throat competition online and there are several companies, which are leaving no stone unturned to make their presence felt in an online world. You cannot just think about creating an attractive website and hope that it will do the rest of the job for you. Your website must be efficiently promoted so that it can get the excellent or top search engine rankings. Driving a considerable amount of traffic to your website definitely requires great planning and devising effective strategies. The internet today is replete with the lots of amazing SEO tools that can aid you in your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign. These tools are very easy to use and help you nurture your dream of taking the business to the pinnacle of success. Here are some of the prominent SEO tools that can help in increasing the visibility of your website online and take the company to another level:


Moz is an American software development company that makes software mainly for the purpose of search engine optimization and online marketing. The company was earlier known by the name SEOmoz. Their tools greatly help in enhancing the visibility and ranking of a website. Some of the prominent SEO tools that the Moz offers are campaign manager, link analysis, rank tracking and on-page SEO analysis. With these great tools, you can certainly improve the performance of your website and boost your market presence.

There is also another excellent tool offered by the company known as the SEOmoz PRO. It is a suite of various software and tools that helps in analyzing the competition and improving the website SEO work. This tool allows you to do the following tasks:

  • Keep a tab on the link building and competitive analysis.
  • Analyze the social media followers.
  • Perform an analysis of the keyword research and ranking.
  • Test a website to figure out crawl errors.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a good tool that is basically used for the purpose of undertaking a thorough analysis of your website. It can quickly provide a lot of important information that you can use to optimize the website. By running this particular tool, you can easily get information about lots of things such as the external links, duplicate pages, meta keywords, meta description, file size, page title, follow and no follow links, redirects, header tags, anchor text, errors (no responses, 404) and so on. The tool also helps in exporting the report to an Excel sheet.

Link Detox

By using the Link Detox SEO tool, you can find out the bad links in your website and clean them up. Cleaning of the bad or unnatural links that can harm your website has become a very easy task with the help of this tool. The interface of the tool is very easy to understand and all the malicious links can be simply figured out with a simple click of the mouse. When you run the tool, then you will notice that it classifies the links into the three categories which are toxic, suspicious and healthy. This allows you to determine which links will be harmful for your website and remove them.


Ahrefs is essentially a great amalgamation of the different search engine optimization tools such as the site explorer, SEO reports, mentions tracker, backlinks reports and batch analysis. It is simply an amazing link analysis tool that you can use to determine the new as well as the internal links. Some of the benefits that this tool offers are as follows:

  • It has a very large index of links that helps in getting the pivotal SEO data.
  • The data gets updated every fifteen minutes.
  • It can also check the linking domains, backlink types, anchor phrases and referring pages of the domain.
  • It has an easy user-friendly interface that means you will not experience any difficulty in understanding and using it.

Google Analytics

It is a free web analytical tool that helps in monitoring the performance of the website. Through this tool you can get the data about the following things:

  • Which content is liked by the users and getting the most visits
  • Number of visitors to the site
  • Total time spent by the visitors on site per visit
  • Number of page views
  • From which countries the users are visiting your website
  • Different sources (websites, referrals) from which the traffic is coming
  • Performance of marketing campaigns (AdWords, Adsense)

Google Webmaster Tools

The Google Webmaster tool helps you identify your website problems and rectify them effectively. This is a very pivotal tool for the webmasters that helps them with the search engine optimization of their website by providing the below mentioned useful services:

  • Check the errors in the sitemap of your website.
  • Fix the Google bots crawl rate.
  • Provide a full list of the internal as well as the external pages that link to your site.
  • Get a complete report about the broken links.
  • Keep a close look on the robots.txt file of your website.


It is certainly a dream of every individual to topple their competitors and achieve top search engine rankings. For this very purpose, it is imperative to keep a close eye on the keywords and other SEO tactics they are using to promote their website. However, it cannot be denied that checking the keywords of each and every page manually consumes a lot of time and effort. To overcome this problem, you can use one of the best SEO analysis tools known as the SEMRush. It is an excellent free paid tool used for finding keywords so that the website can be optimized in an efficient manner. Besides finding out the keywords, there are lots of other important things that can be done with the help of this particular tool:

  • Get the in-depth statistical details about the visitors or traffic on to your website.
  • It can quite efficiently analyze your domain’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).
  • The best thing here is that you can identify your competitors’ AdWords campaign.
  • Get the full comprehensive list of your competitors.
  • Export all the important data into an Excel spreadsheet.

Majestic SEO

The Majestic SEO tool helps in checking the backlinks of a website. It provides a report on the history of the backlinks, anchor text and keywords. This particular tool is available to the users in the three different pricing plans which are gold, silver and platinum. It is important that you must go through the various benefits offered by the three plans and select the one that suits your requirements. The tool also provides the Webmaster Tools and the excellent thing is that you can connect it with your Google Webmaster Tools account.

Raven Tools

This is one of the great SEO tools that help you to perform the following pivotal SEO tasks in a very hassle-free manner:

  • SEO campaign management
  • Content marketing
  • PPC campaign management
  • Social media monitoring
  • SEO competitor analysis
  • Backlink reporting
  • Social media campaign management

By using the above mentioned tools, you can not only improve the performance of your website, but also gain a good stranglehold in the market.

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is an assortment of the different kinds of the software products or tools that helps in enhancing the ranking and driving plenty of traffic to your website. All this is possible with the assistance of four following prominent products that are an essential part of the SEO PowerSuite software:

  • Link-AssistantLink Assistant:
    It helps in simplifying the link building process by searching the quality link partners.

    WebSite-AuditorWebSite Auditor:
    It basically helps in the on-page optimization of the website. It will analyze the website of the competitors and the keywords they are targeting.

    Rank-TrackerRank Tracker:
    This tool is used for checking the ranking of the website in the major search engines like the Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    SEO-SpyGlassSEO SpyGlass:
    It provides a report on the link building strategy undertaken by the competitors and also their Google PageRank and Keyword density.

All in all, these top amazing tools help you to manage your SEO campaign in a very easy and hassle-free manner. These tools can certainly prove to be priceless for your campaign. So, use these pivotal SEO tools, attract visitors, generate excellent sale leads, multiply your profits and enjoy a good online presence.


Subhash Kandpal works as an SEO & SMO Analyst with a renowned Website Design Development & Search Engine Marketing company- India Designers. He frequently writes about various topics related to Intermediate & advanced Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Mobile SEO, Technical SEO Issues, Content Marketing & blogging and latest trends on Social Media.

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