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Top 10 Tips to Plan Your Website Redesigning

  • Top 10 Tips to Plan Your Website Redesigning

On many occasions, we all want to see some kind of change in our lives be it in our hair style, home interiors, vehicle, etc. Similarly, sometimes it becomes necessary to change or redesign our existing websites, as it can boost the end-user experience and web traffic. However, it is not advisable to redesign your website without proper planning as it can have a negative impact on it too. Therefore, this post provides you with top 10 tips you really need to plan your website redesigning, so let us begin.

Decide your goal

Don’t be in a hurry to redesign your website, in fact take your time and decide your main goal or motive behind the website redesigning. Moreover, don’t just redesign because you’re business partner or the boss wants to change color combination. Instead always try and redesign keeping visitor’s point of view in your mind, as it always have an impact on your business. If you redesign your website keeping web traffic, leads, and customers in your mind. Therefore, whatever you decide, it should be focused on improving those goals.

Avoid pitfalls, stock your assets

A web redesign can hamper your online business in plenty of ways so do not redesign it until and unless you really need it to redesign. Moreover, before starting with the redesigning work, stock your assets such as web content, images, testimonials, inbound links to individual pages etc. that you have built up with time. These are the assets, which will help your probable customers to find your website, which eventually turns into leads, and then paid customers (most of them).

What to choose content or unique design

Many people only believe that content is above all, and neglects the web design. Though, it is correct that content is king and above all, but web design is something which should never be neglected, as it’s the first thing a web visitor notices on any website and later moves on to the content. You think yourself, how many times would you visit a website that is pretty complicated to use but have great content? Most probably, you will not visit it again, as you can easily find more quality content on Google. So always give importance to both content and unique design, and if your website lacks in designing, then you must go for it now.

Use new technologies

Using new technology doesn’t mean that you should start using Flash, in fact still avoid it as much as possible. Rather than flash, use new CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript features, and stop supporting old browsers, educate your visitors to use latest browsers, though most of the people are already using latest browsers.

Note down your present performance metrics

Before, you redesign your website, note down its present performance metrics, as it will help you in analyzing the web traffic, leads, and overall customer behavior on your website. This will eventually help you to you plan accordingly for the future and focus on opportunities.

Compare with your competitor websites

There is no harm in browsing the entire website of your competitors, in fact it is always beneficial, as you get to know their web design, additional features they use such as ‘live chat’, etc. Therefore, have a close look at your competitors’ website, and analyze them one by one. This will tell you what more you can implement, and what you should not have on your web design to enhance the end-user experience.

Go for CMS (Content Management System)

If you can’t edit your content on your own, then how will you target the audience according to the trends? To target the audience better, you need to utilize latest trends, as following the trends increases the conversion rate, and leads you generally get from your website. However, to utilize the trends better, you need to change your web content regularly and quickly, and if you have a static website but don’t know anything about coding, then you are gone, and your competitors will score. Therefore, always go for CMS or content management system, as it provides you with flexibility to edit or change web content on your own pretty easily.

Include a blog, RSS, landing pages

These are the basics, and should always be used on business websites. A blog helps the website to get crawled and indexed regularly by the spider bots, and keeps your customer informed about your latest product or services, and why they should choose you. This will eventually increase your conversion rate and web traffic. RSS is an amazing technology to have on a website, as it pushes your web content automatically to other people, and helps you to spread your content. Landing pages play an important role in customer engagement and lead conversion.


Keep your Meta Tags such as Title Tag, Description Tag, Keywords Tag, etc., as it is as much as possible or change them only if you have changed your web page content and plans to target new keywords, else you might lose your current rank on search results. Moreover, hire an SEO expert, as he will help out in making a perfect internal linking structure for your website, which will let the users access it easily, and keep your website higher in search results.


Don’t forget to add the Google Analytics code in your new web pages, as it provides you with accurate metrics data of your website such as number of visitors on a particular day, where are your getting the traffic from (location), websites linking to your web pages, etc. All these points are very crucial in website redesigning so always take them seriously and then proceed with your new and enticing web design to give tough competition to your competitors.


Subhash Kandpal works as an SEO & SMO Analyst with a renowned Website Design Development & Search Engine Marketing company- India Designers. He frequently writes about various topics related to Intermediate & advanced Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Mobile SEO, Technical SEO Issues, Content Marketing & blogging and latest trends on Social Media.

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