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Top 10 Web Design Tips to make a outstanding Website

  • Top 10 Web Design Tips to make a outstanding Website

Every website owner wishes to lock the interest of the visitors, so they should not leave the website right away after landing. Continuous efforts are always stressed upon to make website navigation easy for the visitors so that they stay for longer, and must click to buy the stuff. Here are some tips to hold the interest of the visitor for a longer period of time.

1- Align Designing to make it User friendly

Before you initiate the creative process, it is vital to determine beforehand what you are trying to attain with your design. Discover your audience, the purpose, and type of impression you wish to leave on the users. Taking into account these factors will let you foresee the user experience as well as you will also come across different ways to make most out of your design.

2. Make Responsive Web Design

Adapting to prevalence of the responsive web design is a best way to reap the benefits. Making website flexible for large desktop screen and mobile phone will let every type of end user have a good viewing experience. Your responsive web design can only get successful with your testing of the website on diverse set of displays, and also ensuring that it is complying with all screen dimensions. Get the responsive web design right on different types of devices including vertical and horizontal displays to enjoy visitors on site.

3. Simplicity is best

Being simple in your web design approach will never make you feel disappointed. When designing graphics and images, it is important to not over do. Keeping it to the minimum has serenity, which appeals the visitors, and they like to come back. The way it is followed in the landing pages, the web designer should practice to highlight the core product and call-to-action. It is overdoing the designing elements on the web pages that can be a cause of distraction and frustration. Moreover, designing professional should not forget that audience makes use of tablets and smartphones, and cluttered webpages could compromise their viewing experiences.

4. Carefully Selecting Typography

Not difficult to read font type and also not the overused fonts like Arial; convey information on your website with a good typography. Furthermore, difference between headline and content can be made with different font style or size. The designer can create the hierarchy on the site with particular styles, sizes, as well as family of fonts. Remember, a wise selection of the typography can take designing to the next level.

5. Use Flat Colors

Say no to bold color and bright hues; follow the rule of simplicity here as well. Using flatter colors will make audience to concentrate on the content, company and brand. Moreover, single tone colors appeal to the senses of the visitors and centralize their attention on what really matters.

6. Incorporate Full Screen Photos

A large photo background or full screen photos can be added to draw the attention of the visitors. This visual treat can be a key to employ the attention of the audience for a longtime. However not just any photo but it is important to pick the relevant photographs that are compatible to your site and can catch visitor’s attention. In addition to this, you can use photos for the sites like pinterest, instagram, etc.

7. Believe in Vertical Scrolling

Many might not opt for vertical scrolling on their website, but it is a trend that should not be avoided. Product navigation gave rise to one-page layout approach in which one only have to go through the scroll down to go through all the content. Two very successful examples of the same are Pinterest and Google images that pushed the need of having a vertical scroll.

8. Encompass Social Media Icons

Adopting creative social media badges can motivate visitors to share and promote your site and its content. Either one can generate own icons or opt for downloading.

9. Include Big Buttons

Make use of big buttons to capture the interest of the visitors. Besides, they appear good on tablets and smartphones, and these would also be a prominent call-to-action. Though, the size may seem aggressive, it is effective by making things simple for the users as they do not have search for the buttons.

10. Content Rules

Keeping the best and important thing at last; Content should enjoy superior treatment in web designing by making efforts to produce extraordinary. No matter how outstanding is the design of the site, if it lacks novelty then no site can gain visitors’ attention in the digital world. Incredibility in the content is the first step.

It is true that laying foundation on some vital aspects will make the website outstanding, but one must also not forget that every design decision is just a possibility. User testing and simple analytics can help endlessly to improve your designs. Seeking a feedback from real people is also a good idea.


Sandeep Sharma is a creative head at India-Designers.Net. He has more than 15 years experience in the web designing domain. He is leading the team of more than 25 web designers in the company. All Web Design Projects of the company start and finish with him.

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