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Top 15 Advantages of Drupal Ecommerce Web Development

  • Top 15 Advantages of Drupal Ecommerce Web Development

Why use Drupal ecommerce solution is the first question that clicks in the heads of novice ecommerce website developers and merchants every now and then. We present you 15 significant reasons as to why you should shortlist Drupal amongst all other dedicated Ecommerce-platform-contenders for launching your virtual store of dreams on the webcloud . A store that lets your customers find you easily , browse unlimited products on their favourite handsets , have incredibly secure shopping experience , give star ratings to your exclusive items and finally share their new purchases with their friends & colleagues on Facebook. Fascinatingly Cool, isn’t it !!

Drupal Open Source Development Platform comes bundled with Free , Free & ABSOLUTELY FREE Extensions , Modules , Themes & Plugins !! –

There are no exceptions to the fact that everything from tools & extensions to modules & plugins is absolutely free in Drupal unlike other Open source ecommerce development platforms like Opencart , Magento , Zencart etc . In Drupal community , the concept of making the whole cake available as Open Source License (Free software) & charging for those extra toppings(Premium Plugins & Extensions) is knocked out completely since it follows a “Nothing is Premium” rule . So for those who don’t want to burn a hole in their pockets at the later stage of complex ecommerce website development , Drupal is a Saviour !! Seriously !!

Kill two birds SEO(Search Engine Optimization) & CRO(conversion rate optimization) in just one shot

With uncountable number of Ecommerce stores running worldwide , it is crucial to choose a platform that promises visibility of your business right from the start by boosting up search engine rankings at the earliest . Doing Search Engine Optimization & Website Conversion Analytics hand in hand becomes pretty easier with Drupal Ecommerce Solution as you need to bang your head with only one system as compared to a two-platform system offered by other Open Source Ecommerce platforms.

Drupal Ecommerce Solution is search engine friendly in real sense since it comes bundled with all the major SEO features handy , some of which are listed below –

a) Drupal Ecommerce solution allows you to Use search engine friendly URLs / web addresses for all your product pages thereby attracting more and more customers to your site in minimal possible time . A screenshot shared below depicts how Drupal Ecommerce allows you to enter a custom path for your product or enable the generation of automatic URLs.


b) Drupal Ecommerce Solution provides a provision to verify your website with Bing and Google – Almost all major Search Engines allow one to access webmaster information by providing a host of tools that intimate site owners about any errors , missing pages or duplicate content in the website . By installing an already built Site Verification module of Drupal , you can verify ownership of a site for use with search engines . This module can be downloaded for free at http://drupal.org/project/site_verify


c) With Drupal Ecommerce Solution , you can create XML sitemaps for your store to make sure that search engines can easily find the content you share on the web.

d) Drupal Ecommerce Solution also allows you to add a meta description field to your Products .

e) Enhancing your website’s listings in search engine result pages(SERP) is also possible with Drupal through the Integration with Google authorship

Get Future Ready with Drupal’s Free Mobile Specific Themes & Templates

Drupal development & web design framework provides you with varied Mobile Responsive themes and templates that render well on almost all devices/screen sizes out there in the Market hence saving weeks of work and extra efforts put forth by web designers & developers . A large chunk of mobile responsive ecommerce websites are successfully powered by Drupal & thus developers of this community are gradually evolving to come up with several amazing base themes in forthcoming time to ensure easy data access through web services as well.

Maximize Footfall through Drupal’s Seamless integration with Social Networking Platforms

Drupal development and web design framework can be easily integrated with all major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc through modules that allow your customers to login and share their purchases with their friends/colleagues or relatives present within their community . Not just this , Drupal Open Source Development also allows your brand consumers to spread the word by promoting your products via its “Facebook Connect module” & “Facebook Social Plugin Integration modules” which are already running multiple Facebook Connected websites. Without having any programming knowledge , you can integrate your online store with your Facebook Fan Page in a jiffy.

Unbeatable Flexibility & Scalability Guaranteed with Drupal ecommerce solution to meet your comprehensive ecommerce needs

With Drupal ecommerce solution powering heavily trafficked sites like Examiner.com and WhiteHouse.gov , no one can doubt its flexibly architectured layout that syncs right along with the growing needs of your business while offering heightened scalability at the same time. So those who are looking to process thousands of transactions from their online stores on a daily basis while accommodating bulk traffic concurrently , Drupal Open Source Development Framework is the only choice . By supporting any checkout routine, from single click purchasing, to any number of steps in checkout, Drupal ensures you can build your site the way you want without messing up the core code or functionalities of other modules. Thus Drupal as a flexible system can be easily customized to behave the way you desire, fulfilling a wide variety of commercial needs.

Drupal CMS Development Framework is an extremely Robust Content Management System with Unmatched Versatility

Incorporating a stable content management system has become a mandate ever since content marketing overpowered the Digital Campaigning Domain & who else than Drupal has emerged triumphant wearing the crown of the Bestest CMS out there . Whilst Google is already on a spree to introduce new algorithms so very frequently , it has become almost indispensable to plan a successful Online marketing campaign without having a decent CMS in place & no one except Drupal can live upto your expectations in this regard .

Easy Site Management & Cost Effective Maintenance at your Fingertips

One cannot deny the fact that tracking orders in an ecommerce website requires a hell lot of administration work on a daily basis which is tedious as well as time consuming. But Drupal Ecommerce Solution makes it easier for you by introducing management tools which are flexible & highly configurable allowing one to display and manage bulk orders incredibly easier & faster. In addition to this , Drupal also offers modules that allows you to –

a) Disable products from your Ecommerce store as per your wish

b) Export products from your Online Store

c) Create Category Menus

d) Extend customer profiles

Advanced Security Features Complemented with SSL Protection

Drupal’s advanced Security Features eliminate hacking risks and ensure to keep you away from the prying eyes of antisocial elements on the web through its secure checkout and login powered with SSL(Secured Sockets Layer) Protection . Therefore , it is highly recommended to download this module at http://drupal.org/project/securepages and configure it right before going live with your store. Apart from this , Broken update paths which are the major security risks are also fixed in Drupal Ecommerce making it an absolutely secure application framework amongst all other ecommerce platforms . The screenshot shared below will give you an idea of Drupal’s secure application framework.


Engage your customers by enabling Product Reviews/Ratings on your Drupal Ecommerce store –

One of the bestest features of Drupal is that it allows your customers to publish reviews and give product ratings on the products displayed on your virtual store . This is indeed a great way to gather direct feedback and influence other customers visiting the website to purchase recommended products. Incorporating this feature requires you to Login to your Drupal Commerce store’s administration panel and configuring the following 2 modules absolutely free of cost –

a) Fivestar module which can be downloaded at http://drupal.org/project/ fivestar

b) Voting API module that can be downloaded at http://drupal.org/project/ votingapi
Shared below is the a screenshot depicting a glimpse as to how the Prdouct Rating Field will appear when you view a product on your Drupal ecommerce store after configuring above modules .



With Drupal Ecommerce Solution , numerous modules that are available for free can improve the utility of your ecommerce website to a great extent.
Listed below are some of the features that can be achieved in Drupal Commerce after configuring some customizable modules.
a) Multiple shipments per delivery.

b) Accepting payments by cheque .

c) Setting a maximum and minimum order amount .

d) Displaying progress steps while checkout.

e) Automatically assigning an SKU(Stock Keeping Unit) to the products

Give your buyers an enhanced customer experience at Checkout

Drupal ecommerce solution allows web developers to upgrade the end user experience by offering thecommerce Cart Ajax Module” which can be downloaded at http://drupal.org/project/dc_cart_Ajax for free. This module allows developers to update elements/products asynchronously in the background without having to reload the entire webpage hence enhancing the customer’s experience with your store while reducing server load simultaneously .

Keep your customers in the Loop with Targeted RSS Feeds And Newsletter Functionality Incorporated in Drupal

With Drupal’s built-in RSS functionality , you can directly provide Targeted RSS Feeds using Views. Not just this , Drupal Ecommerce Solution also offers Newsletter functionality at its best through its readymade modules hence making it easy for you to send information of newly launched products , discounts and updates to your subscribers.

Advanced User Management for Controlled Access

Advanced user and role management to achieve functionalities like sign up, password retrieval, profile customization, setting user roles and granting permissions already ship with Drupal Ecommerce Solution thereby providing your customers a controlled access within the Online Store as well as CMS.

Integration with External systems & Popular CRM Tools made easy with Drupal Open Source Development

Drupal Ecommerce Solution integrates seamlessly with third-party external systems via a RESTful API . This is made possible by Drupal’s Feeds module that allows one to import content from external systems. Moreover , it can also integrate with your Banking systems worldwide through dozens of free modules contributed by Drupal’s developer community. Not only this , Drupal Ecommerce solution can also incorporate with popular CRM tools like SugarCRM, Salesforce, CiviCRM.

Not a Programming Nerd ? No Problems – Evergrowing Community of Drupal is there for your Rescue !!

Drupal community , without any doubt , is one of the best well supported communities that you might come across . Anyone , may it be a merchant looking to start ecommerce site or a developer scratching heads with long codes in the middle of the project , will be able to find all kind of help without shelling out any single penny. Doesn’t that seems surprising ?? Specially for those who are well aware of Premium Modules & Extensions offered by Magento , WordPress & Opencart communities.
By now, all store owners & web developers might have come to know that it’s a win-win deal for everyone , may it be those who are looking for an ALL-in-One platform or those who are wise enough to look at their pockets before they jump in Online Business or those who want all unbelievably wonderful features packed with their store right from the beginning !! So, Just chill, Wear off all your apprehensions and Go with it !!


Manoj Tiwari is a business & Internet marketing strategist at a leading India based IT Company – Tisindia.com. From more than 10 years, he is involved in offering website designing, eCommerce development, branding and reputation management and internet marketing services.

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