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Top 6 SEO Friendly Plugins for WordPress Users in 2013

  • Top 6 SEO Friendly Plugins for WordPress Users in 2013

WordPress is one of the leading open source content management systems. This CMS lays a fine base for the development of various websites. There are various user friendly WordPress designs, themes, plugins and modules that help the users in the development of an impactful web portal. This piece of article deals with top 6 WordPress plugins that improve the overall performance of a website, fleet a look.

WP Super Cache

Faster the website loads, more its performance is acknowledged. The WP Super Cache plugin creates static HTML files that make the processing faster. It’s a great feature from the view point of both SEO people and readers in general.

SEO Friendly Images

Images certainly form an important part of WordPress website design and therefore there is a special plugin that takes care of pictures. The SEO Friendly Images automatically uploads and updates all pictures with appropriate ALT and TITLE attributes. Both ALT and TITLE hold high importance from SEO’s point of view. ALT provides image description to the search engines and helps the users in finding their perfect match. On the other hand, TITLE is the text that appears on the tooltip when the user rolls his mouse over the image. In addition to this, the SEO Friendly Plugin makes the post valid on the grounds of W3C/XHTML.


The name of this plugin is quite self sufficient to describe the functioning. However to state in a nutshell, Tweetily randomly selects a page or a post and promotes it on Twitter. It is one of the free WordPress plugins that makes the task of internet marketing a bit easier. The user needs to set the time and number of tweets, thereafter the plugin will do the remaining task of promoting the content via one of the leading social networking sites – Twitter.

Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

The need and importance of social media is not hidden from anyone. The presence of a website gets a high boost when it is promoted via social media. Facebook is one of the prominent social networking sites and considering the same WordPress has come up with Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox plugin. This plugin creates a small and light pop up with the option of Facebook Like.

WordPress Related Posts

This plugin makes a list of related posts as per the blog present on a particular page. Thereafter it posts the links of those related topics along the side of the blog. In this way the WordPress Related Posts plugin encourages user engagement and gives them a reason to stay long on a website. Thus, this plugin is an essential part of WordPress design.


Sharing the website content on various social bookmarking sites forms an integral part of present SEO practices. Considering the same, WordPress has come up with the Shareaholic plugin that gives ease to the users for sharing a web post on different social bookmarking sites. The feather in the hat is that Shareaholic is one of the free WordPress plugins that is accessed by thousands of designers.

Being one of the most user-friendly and popular content management systems, WordPress has so far generated numerous high feature websites. There are various other WordPress Plugins that ease the work of a website designer. However, the above mentioned form the basic ground of almost every web portal.


Subhash Kandpal works as an SEO & SMO Analyst with a renowned Website Design Development & Search Engine Marketing company- India Designers. He frequently writes about various topics related to Intermediate & advanced Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Mobile SEO, Technical SEO Issues, Content Marketing & blogging and latest trends on Social Media.

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