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Top Tips for Designing a Successful e-Commerce Website

  • Top Tips for Designing a Successful e-Commerce Website

The stature of an ecommerce website depends on its conversion rate. More conversion means more profit and this means higher stature – as simple as that. Unfortunately, not every ecommerce portal enjoys high conversion rate, and the reasons for this can vary. However, this piece of content doesn’t deal with the pitfalls; rather, it focuses more on the tips for improvement. All those who are looking for some simple tips to boost the performance of an online store, the mentioned below points can be handy.

Clear-cut navigation

Either scroll vertically or run eyes horizontally, these are the two leading navigation patterns of the e-world. An easy navigation allows the user to get to the product without any hassle. Further, online stores that love to experiment with complex navigation end up losing their potential customers. No one has the time to solve the puzzle, if the site is not user friendly, it will not fetch conversions.

Feature product on the landing page

The online store must be clear on what it is selling out. By featuring products on the landing page itself, the ecommerce site will make it clear to the users that this is all it has to serve. In this way, users will get a glimpse of the items, even before checking out the menus. This user friendly experience has higher chances of enhancing the conversions.

The uncomplicated filters

With so many options present in this consumer driven market, the user has turned very selective. In order to serve his finicky nature, advanced filters are best suited. Filtered search will allow the user in reaching the exact product he was looking for.

Information about the availability of the product

As per the SEO view point, even if the product is not in stock, it should still be present in the catalogue. Search engine optimization is very essential and thus should get due consideration; however, think of the user who will put in all the efforts for adding a product in the cart and at the end he will be replied with ‘sorry the product you wish to purchase is presently out of stock’. What a cold answer that is! This will be one of the biggest turn offs for the user. Let the users know beforehand which product is in stock and which is not. Further, acknowledge their visit by providing an option ‘Send a notification when the article is in stock’.

The talking images

Items can only be seen on an online store and can’t be touched. Hence, product picture is the best way to woo the user. Don’t limit the gallery to just one image; put at least 2 to 3 pictures, or best if the page has a video of the product.

Furthermore, make sure that the picture enjoys high resolution; thus, providing the users a great experience.

Highlight special offers

Offering discounts is one of the great methods to keep the users engaged, but if the user can’t see it then what is the use? Therefore, an ecommerce website design would turn more effective with a special section (even banner) for discounts.

Be clear on the final cost

All the additional charges like the shipping cost must be mentioned either on the product or shopping cart page. Users hate to find any hidden charges after the purchase. Either make free delivery, or if one can’t afford to do that, make the cost clear to the user. Keeping the user in dark might give one time profit, but would never help in long term substantial growth.

SEO in place

In order to reach to the end customer, the website needs to reach to the search engines. SEO techniques help the online portals in ranking high in the search engine page results. During ecommerce web development, the SEO tools must be given due consideration. Right from the source code to the user interface, everything must have SEO essence in it.

The Social Media Tool

The traffic of social media platforms is giving tough competition to the leading search engines. With higher user engagement at social networking sites, they are presently one of the best methods to attract customers. Allow the users to know more about the online business through social media. While their social media news feeds will have a glimpse of the deals being offered at the e-store, there will be more chances that they will turn into a lead (which might later be turned into a conversion).

Be a different kettle of fish

Those who don’t wish to be lost in the crowd of thousands of ecommerce sites need to incorporate something unique. Though the fundamentals are common, leaving not much scope for adding something different, one has to stand out from the crowd. If one can’t incorporate something big, try putting little distinctive features to surpass the competitors.

Quick overview of the product

Users generally don’t like to leave the main page for getting the product reviews. Lightbox or short descriptions along with the image of the product, allows the user in getting a glimpse of the item. With this users will not have to leave the page leading to a nice experience.

Detailed information

In addition to the glimpse of the product description, there should be complete explanation also. For instance, electronic items or gadgets need to be explained with all the configurations; thereafter the user makes his mind for purchase.

Cluster free pages

Clean pages with only useful elements are best suited for improving the conversion rates. Big blocks, more advertisements, random pop ups and so on work as a distraction and are a big time turn off. So basically, the clearer means the better.


Testimonials speak a lot about the brand; they help in building business reputation. Though one can render a completely different page for testimonials, it wouldn’t fetch much attention. It is better to place the acknowledgement or feedback of the clients at the bottom of the product page or the landing page.

Different payment options

All the leading online trade portals offer multiple payment options, reason being that different users would prefer different modes of payment. There might be a user who would not like to share his credit card details; similarly there can be someone who would like to pay on delivery. In order to serve different customers, multiple payment options are best suited.

Call to Action – ‘add to cart’

The call to action button is very essential in every type of web portal. In ecommerce this call to action button is ‘add to cart’. One must make sure that add to cart option is properly highlighted. It should be placed in the right section, so that users could find it with much ease.

Keep it simple

Simple websites earn faster conversions. Users appreciate the simplicity of a portal, as it makes their shopping experience easy and quick.

An array of choices

People go for online shopping because therein they get a lot of options to choose from. The same product is available in different colors and dimensions and this is what attracts the users most. Therefore keeping a plethora of options for the users is very important.

Contact options

The times have gone when the contact options were limited to mere one mobile number or email address. Presently for rendering a quick service, the e-stores must have 2 to 3 contact numbers and at least two email ids. Further, the best contact option is live chat, wherein the user can directly talk to the store manager and can get his query solved instantly.

Ecommerce web development is not a hard nut to crack, just simple planning and everything falls at the right place.


Manoj Tiwari is a business & Internet marketing strategist at a leading India based IT Company – Tisindia.com. From more than 10 years, he is involved in offering website designing, eCommerce development, branding and reputation management and internet marketing services.

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