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Top Website Designing Ideas to Attract Visitors

  • Top Website Designing Ideas to Attract Visitors

Getting overwhelmed is not easy when one tries to create a website. The task is difficult whether one is minimally skilled, has no web design experience, or has a lot of designing knowledge. From retaining visitors with fast loading to reaching out more and more people with responsive site; there are several things to ponder upon, and the most important ones are listed below.

Fast Loading Sites, Rule the Heart of the Visitor

Slow and steady might have won the race offline, but to survive in the online domain it is important to pick the pace. A website eating up 20 seconds to load can actually put visitors’ patience at stake. Chances are huge that many of them may shun the website because 20 seconds loading time is lifetime on the internet.

Web site design having more text and less graphic accelerates the loading speed and also invites more traffic. On the contrary, lots of graphics and animations prevent the visitors to navigate the site; hence, the usage should be avoided.

A web designer should keep in mind that not all the users have fast connections. Therefore, the designing professional should design the website that can be explored without any annoyance. It is always recommended to check the website with slow connections to have a better idea of the loading speed.

A site taking more than 10 seconds to show up needs re-working on its number and the size of graphics.
Website designer can take help of Web-Graphics Optimizer, great software, for reducing the graphic size while the quality is not compromised.

Easy Navigation Appeals Visitors

Information or details should be easily and quickly accessed when searched for. Design of a website can irritate the visitors if it makes them click on several links, scroll down the page, and click on the “back” button many times to reach on the desired webpage.

If to believe a statistics, then clicking couple of links on a website can be a reason of losing visitors. Therefore, a web designer can create an appealing website only when the web pages of the site are not more than five clicks away from the home page. A visitor can enjoy surfing the website that has incorporated easy to find information.

Another vital aspect to keep in mind is that not every visitor explores the website from the beginning, especially if he or she enters the site through the search engines. Hence, there is a need to ensure that all the pages should have a title informing visitors where they are at, and also a link to the significant pages of the website such as home page, order page, contact page and so on.

Making use of clear link texts is another way to make easy-to-navigate site. Visitors must have an idea of the each link’s direction. For instance, “Sale” will not be a good name for order because of lack of clarity and confusion. It would be good to use “Order”.

The significance lies in making navigation easy for visitors.

Attract with Appropriate Colors

Copy is significant part of the website and thus has to be clear for the reading purpose. The convenience in reading is directly proportional to the effectiveness. Use of inapt color makes it hard to read that will prevent people from visiting the site and thus negatively affecting the sales.

Say No to Over Usage of Pop-Ups

Going overboard with the pop-ups can pester the visitors. Many webmasters have the notion that
pop-ups appearing out every time with a message to order will persuade a visitor to make a purchase. However, the conception is completely wrong accompanied with a fact of potential loss of a customer.

Although, pop-ups effectively fetch a higher response, overuse should be avoided. They can be powerful marketing tools if used wisely and intelligently.

Pop-ups should display offers that are irresistible and must interest the users.

Pay Heed to Purpose

It is vital to determine the purpose before beginning the designing of the site. Pay heed to:

- Reason for creating the website.
- Are you selling your products and services?
- What to expect from the site?

Whatever the purpose, every element – the links, graphics, titles, and the colors should lead to fulfill the purpose.
It has been noticed that website owners are so much into their work that they forget their aim. With a plan of creating a sale-oriented website, they end up having a wrong site deviating from the main purpose.

Visitors might get allured by the professional Flash animations and graphics on the site. However, one should not forget that the aim is to sell and not to impress. The site should have aesthesis value but visitors should not avoid sales letter at the bottom of the page.

Compatible with Different Browsers and Devices

A good web design is one that is adaptable to different internet browsers. People generally do not install or update their browser to navigate through websites. In addition to this, it is also important to peek into the website through Smartphones like iPads, Android, iPhone. The customers nowadays are not restricted to PC to access website, hence, it might receive negative response from the Smartphone user base. Responsive web design is the solution to make the site cross device compatible.
Website design has to possess the aspects that allure visitors to explore the site, and should also motivate them for getting converted into customers. The tips mentioned above when followed can help a web designer create a website that stands out in the crowd.


Sandeep Sharma is a creative head at India-Designers.Net. He has more than 15 years experience in the web designing domain. He is leading the team of more than 25 web designers in the company. All Web Design Projects of the company start and finish with him.

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