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What are the five Important Elements of Website Design

  • What are the five Important Elements of Website Design

People from all walks of life be it professionals, business persons or may be retired citizens; all can be named as ‘web users’. Modern day life is completely dependent on the internet. We are accustomed to Google for every kind of solution. Moreover, the web users need information in a compelling and aesthetically pleasing format.

Websites are the platforms equipped with information, data and tips to help the online users. A good website has catchy and interesting structure, provides simple navigation, and has meaningful content without spelling and other errors.

Technically, a website design is composed of codes, scripts, patches and many graphical expressions. Furthermore, out of the box imagination, creativity, ideas and skills are also required to create an artistic design/representation.

Web designing is a big concept which has many elements that make the sites appealing to the visitors or customers. Listed below are the five essential elements that describe the typical and technical aspects involved in web designing.

1. Visionary Approach

There is always a scope for improvement in the website design. The technological innovations and updated algorithms of the search engines have always created a room for amendments in the web design. Therefore, web designing requires a high visionary approach that can keep the customers satisfied and up-to-date with the innovations.

2. Be Accessible

Now accessing the internet is not restricted only to desktop or laptop devices. Web users stay connected to the internet round-the-clock. They access the web and download several applications using smart phones and tablets. Many news agencies have surveyed and reported that the percentage of web users accessing the internet from handheld devices varies from 47% to 65%.

Besides this, with the technological advancements, the professionals have begun using a 52inch plasma TV or even a 72inch screen in global conferences or in meeting rooms instead of projectors. This has created the need for a responsive design in the industry. A website that has a responsive web design can easily be viewed across small screens as well as on big screens. The data reveals that websites with a responsive design have a much better future compared to mobile web development. Every design has to be accessible according to the screens.

3. Target Audience

Website designing is an art, and designers have to understand the specific requirements of the viewers accordingly. For example, a carpet buyer would prefer a website that has web page themes, graphics and navigations designed in such a way that they take him virtually over the beautiful, soft and fine quality carpets. A food lover would surf the website that has web pages embedded with the images of delicious and attractive food. Therefore, designers have to make sure that the web designs convey the respective message before the users read the available content on the website. Therefore the designers need to research the target markets and customers, before they begin the project.

4. Call to Action

Web users have plenty of options available on the internet. If the designs on a site are unable to guide users towards accomplishing their buying process, they will most likely shift to some other site. Thus, the second element in web designing is to create a call to action. The online objective of every company is to sell products and services. Therefore, the designs must highlight the products and make the purchase pages easily available to the customers; such sites tend to generate more revenue and online leads.

5. Build Your Brand

A name that people can rely on is termed as a brand. In the online arena, trustworthiness is always related to quality. In web designing, the designers have to ensure that consistency, sophistication and user-centric solutions are properly highlighted in web page design. This assures visitors that they have landed on the right website that cares for them. This reduces the bounce rate and encourages customers to re-visit the site as well.

These five elements require creativity and expertise from the web designers. Hiring a website design company for the project is not enough; there is a need to hire designers who understand the essence of such elements.


Sandeep Sharma is a creative head at India-Designers.Net. He has more than 15 years experience in the web designing domain. He is leading the team of more than 25 web designers in the company. All Web Design Projects of the company start and finish with him.

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